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wie nennt man es wenn frauen auf ältere männer stehen museum-digital is a platform on which museums large and small publish information about their objects. It contains a large variety of objects that are linked with each other through many different links. It thus aims to present subjects in a most approachable way and provide ease in the finding of objects.

partnersuche berlin kostenlos kultur But museum-digital is more than that: it is an initiative, in which we work on finding ways and creating tools for an easy online publication of object information for all museums. We are developing a system which aims to be mostly free, time efficient and easy to use. A system that can be used by all museums, no matter the way the museum manages the information pertaining to its objects internally. For museums that do not yet use a dedicated program for inventarization, museum-digital offers the relevant functions. Information about the museum objects is further enriched at museum-digital and can subsequently be reformated and easily exported for embedding on relevant portals, such as europeana, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, etc. - if the museum wants that. Currently, you can find information on:

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partnersuche berlin kostenlos karte The origin of the development of museum-digital is the AG Digitalisierung (Task Force Digitization) of the Museumsverbandes Sachsen-Anhalt (Museum Association Saxony-Anhalt), whose work is aided by the Institute for Museum Research (SMB-PK). From the beginning, the experience of museums from Rhineland-Palatine and other regions were incorporated into the process. Because of its origin on a regional level, museum-digital has a number of regional instances besides the German nationwide one. By now, a number of international instances have also been created:

descargar wechat gratis para blackberry 8520 curve Besides the pure object information, the presentation of objects in exhibitions and thematic compilations is an important objective of museum-digital. For this, there is the "Topics" page that is continuosly being expanded. Essential for a good categorization and indexation are the strongly controlled authority files of museum-digital. The respective vocabularies have their own page.


chat site like fb The meaning of single objects is often not fully comprehensible without it being embedded in a topical overview together with other objects. The page "Topics" provides a growing number of topical overviews.

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free chat site like facebook A most important aspect of museum-digital are the vocabularies, which provide context information on people, places, tags, etc. On the page "vocabularies", you get direct access to these.

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